Delivering tailored solutions

Lee tunnel project — a sophisticated tailored solution, improving the environment.

Primary Fluid Power has a long established reputation for providing sophisticated hydraulic solutions to customers throughout the UK. As part of a major project to upgrade London's sewer system, PFP lived up to their reputation and designed, manufactured and delivered the key components to help manage sewage through the sewerage system and are proud to form part of the solution that will help the environment; estimated to reduce 40% of the volume of sewage – currently 39 million tonnes per year – flowing untreated into the Thames at Beckton, east of London.


The Lee Tunnel Shafts are London's largest and deepest ever shafts; the scheme aims to eliminate sewage discharges to the River Lee, via an enormous tunnelling system. The tunnel is the first stage of improvements to London's sewer system which will remove combined discharges of storm water and sewage to the River Thames and lower River Lee. The tunnel, which will have an internal diameter of 7.2m, is being constructed at an average of 75m below the ground, running 6.9km from the Abbey Mills Pumping Station to the Beckton Sewage Treatment Works ("STW") in East London. The tunnel is required to store 350,000m3 of storm water and sewage, which is pumped out to Beckton STW following each tunnel's filling event.


With the scale of the project being extremely large and complex, including five huge diaphragm wall shafts with depths of 70 to 80 metres —the largest ever built in the United Kingdom —working in collaboration was critical in order to achieve precise customer requirements and meet deadlines.

Following numerous constructive meetings and phone calls between the customer and PFP's team of experienced engineers, a solution was agreed resulting in the design and manufacture of the power pack. The power pack was designed to provide the strength to open and close the tunnels gates and allow the sewage to flow. As the project developed, PFP were also able supply the cylinders, capable of moving over 16 million tonnes of waste water annually, which are used to power the gates, as well as manifold blocks and piping to facilitate the completion of the hydraulic system required to control and power the Thames Valley sewage tunnels.

With the scale of the project being extremely large and complex, working in collaboration was critical in order to achieve precise customer requirements and meet deadlines.


The team at PFP pride themselves on listening to customers' requirements, developing cost effective tailored solutions and delivering on time.


As with all projects of such a nature the customer's requirements changed as new challenges unfolded. The sophisticated requirements to electronically control the systems resulted in a number of last minute changes to the electrical design which PFP were able to implement, providing a tailored solution on time and on budget.

Flexibility Diagram


The team at PFP pride themselves on listening to customers' requirements, developing cost effective tailored solutions and delivering on time. As a result, customers trust PFP and strong relationships prevail. This project has been no different and PFP look forward to supporting the customer in the future stages of the Lee Tunnel Project.

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Nurturing solid partnerships



Flowtechnology UK is committed to supporting its Distributors through sharing the skills and experiences of its marketing and design teams. During 2015 we have run various initiatives to make our Distributors aware of their branding and highlight the services we offer to help them develop and promote their brand.

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Continuing strong traditions


Our acquisition strategy is to acquire complementary businesses operating in specific channels; highly focused, commercially independent operations delivering quality customer service at all times. The acquisition of Nelson Fluid Power exemplifies the type of business we want to bring into the Group and we were especially impressed by the strength of its relationships with both customers and suppliers, built from the strong traditions of a family business and the experienced, long serving management team.


Prior to acquisition the company was still under the management of the founding family and post acquisition the management team remains in place under the one remaining family member, Managing Director, Mark Nelson. Employees are treated as family and this is reflected in the average length of service of 14 years with the longest service being 49 years. The culture is for everyone in the business to understand the customer, to understand the products and understand the two together.


New customers have been attracted through the strength of the brand and reputation of Nelson. They have been retained through Nelson's willingness to put the customer first and to go the extra mile to always supply what the customer wants. Quality and service levels are always kept to a high standard to ensure the company's core philosophy of customer satisfaction is achieved.


The company believes that the cheapest price is not always the best and it applies standards focused on value, loyalty and integrity when dealing with suppliers. This style has successfully built relationships with long-standing mutual support. Their choice of suppliers is popular with customers as they know the finished product will consistently be supplied made from the best quality components from well-established, respected brands from within the industry.

Change management

The company also prides itself on being able to accommodate change. More customers are moving to just-in-time delivery arrangements and Nelson has quickly adapted and made the required changes to stockholdings. Customer design requirements continually change and the traditions of putting the customer first and a focus on customer satisfaction ensure these changes are accommodated. Nelson will also seek change with customers to make sure certain products are continually improved and new technical advances can be utilised.

Mission Statement

Nelson Hydraulics Limited is committed to bringing the best personal and professional service to our customers worldwide within the hydraulics industry. Our core value is customer satisfaction.

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