The year has seen a period of continued strong development with an uplift in revenue of 19% over the previous year, our first as a PLC, and a 65% improvement in operating profit.

Sean Fennon
Chief Executive Officer


Strong balance sheet and cash generation, consistent GP% margins

Resulting in ongoing high double digit EBITA

Committed to a progressive dividend policy and delivering ongoing shareholder value


Focused on building a specialist fluid power group delivering high levels of customer service 24/7

Supported by highly skilled technical people capable of delivering what the customer needs at the right price and on time


Market leading operation led by a highly experienced management team with the combined skills to build an international footprint and product categories in line with its strategic objectives


Leading edge technical know-how capabilities around the business to support a strong, diverse and robust customer base across a spread of leading industrial sectors


Strength and depth of the ranges and brands within an international marketplace


Focus on market sectors which offer high long term growth potential